About us

We are called Getaway Properties AZ, because people come here who want to get away… though to us it feels more like coming home, as many of our team members were born and raised in the White Mountains of Arizona!

This business evolved from our love of hosting others, as well as providing a place and opportunity for them to make special memories with their families and friends. The best way to unplug is to “getaway”, and we manage the perfect properties to help you do just that.

You’ve come to the right place, and we are so happy you’re here!

Meet the team

Ryan Scott

An Arizona native, Ryan loves this state and what it has to offer! He is a successful businessman who has built and sold numerous companies.

He is currently a real estate broker, as well as running his own company that provides insurance and payroll services for small businesses. Attention to detail, establishing systems and routines, efficiency, fairness and drive would be some ways to describe him.

Ryan is anxious to make Getaway Properties the leader on the mountain in property management, and he has some unique ideas on how to make that happen. And when he sets out to do something, HE DOES IT!

An integral part of our team, Ryan is our fearless leader!

Andrew McKee

Andrew has been in real estate in Arizona for nearly 20 years. He is a business and individual coach, and an author and singer as well! His vast experience and knowledge are a huge asset to our team, as he will be the liaison between owner and guest.

Andrew is available to help troubleshoot issues that arise and has a unique and special approach to dealing with situations that inevitably come with the nature of this business. He has a way of instantly putting people at ease and just really enjoys (and is incredibly good at) human interaction.

We are so grateful he is on our team and you will be, too!

Jill McKee

Jill is a mother of three and loves all things HOME. Whether she’s cooking for a crowd, planning and setting up for a big event, or just having her family gathered around the table on Sunday nights, home is where she thrives.

She is an interior designer and was a stylist assistant for HGTV and Country Living Magazines for 5 years. She has honed in on the skills and know-how of making a home feel cozy, comfortable and a place that nobody wants to leave!

Jill is an important part of our team, as her talents create that special something that guests are drawn to and can’t wait to experience for themselves.

Lyndsay Lyman

Lyndsay is our go-to girl! Highly qualified, Lyndsay has previous experience in property management and the customer service that comes with it. She will be managing the bookings and calendars, coordinating schedules for maintenance and cleaning, and fielding all the emails/inquiries.

Because she lives on the mountain, she will be able to keep both owners and guests aware and informed of anything that needs immediate action or attention. She is professional and friendly, highly productive and engaged. We are incredibly happy and blessed to have her as a part of Getaway Properties.

Jennie Doezie

Jennie is currently in the Art Masters Program at BYU. A super talented and creative individual, she will be running our social media platforms. She has traveled all over the world and knows the value that travel and experience bring to people’s lives. Jennie is witty, smart, has a keen eye and an incredible vocabulary.

She will be the one promoting your property and giving it the attention it deserves, with the use of superb photos and well-crafted captions to intrigue viewers and encourage them to stay. Keeping the public engaged in all the properties we represent is our priority, and Jennie is the perfect girl for the job!

Kim Skinner

Kim has been a wedding and lifestyle photographer in our beautiful state for over 13 years. Mentored by her artist father, she is a creator to the core.

Kim’s photography work has been featured in Valley Lifestyles magazine and other wedding publications. In today’s competitive market, beautiful photos are the number one requirement for getting your property noticed.

With Kim’s invaluable experience at capturing just the right shots while including the tiny details, even you will be surprised by how amazing your cabin looks!

Chris Kenyon

Chris has lived in the White Mountains for the past 18 years. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Tana, who is also on our team, and they are the proud parents of 5 sons! He enjoys growing fresh food in the garden and fishing on Saturday afternoons.

With 25+ years in residential construction, remodeling and maintenance, and 4 years as a home inspector, his role is to make sure that all homeowners are informed and educated about their properties.

His goal is to ensure that guests feel comfortable and safe while they are on vacation. Chris is dependable, service oriented, friendly and really good at what he does. He is definitely a very important part of our team!

Tana Kenyon

Tana has been part of Cool Mountain Vacations for a year now and is the one in charge of lots of important stuff! She manages and schedules all the cleanings, pulls out the trash each week, makes sure supplies are well stocked and that all the little things (which are actually the big things!) get handled.

She is happy to interact with the guests, and her friendly demeanor and helpful attitude make her exactly the person you want taking care of your home and the people who stay there. Tana absolutely loves this job and the flexibility it provides for her as the mom of 5 growing young men.

We are extremely grateful for the care and attention to detail she puts in every single day as part of our team.

Kevin + Tiffani Carpenter

Kevin and Tiffani founded Cool Mountain Vacations 14 years ago and have specialized in vacation rental management and sales. They have strong skills and experience in building positive and meaningful relationships with their clients. Always having an eye on the future, the Carpenters are now focusing their strengths on the things they enjoy most; actively working with owners to add cabins to the rental team, cabin sales, and their personal philanthropic interests.

Spending as much of their time in Guatemala as possible, they are assisting with the building of a school and nutrition program. Kevin and Tiffani believe it’s a true blessing and gift from God that they are not only able to live in such a beautiful place as the White Mountains of Arizona, but that they can also follow their hearts to a place and people that they’ve fallen in love with. Guatemala is their second home!